Ex Protection

Basic electrical techniques

Flameproof Enclosure (IEC/EN 60079-1 / EN 50018) Ex d Exd.jpg
The enclosures are constructed so that internal explosions can not be transmitted to the external atmosphere

Increased Safety (IEC/EN 60079-7 / EN 50019) Ex e Exe.jpg
Prevention of ignition sources by fail safe design (only simple electric components)

Intrinsic Safety (IEC/EN 60079-11 / EN 50020) Ex ia/ib Exia-ib.JPG
Limitation of the energy stored in the electrical circuit category "ia" and "ib", "simple" apparatus, "assosiated" apparatus, safety barriers.
Installation: Safety values (Uo, Io, Po, Lo, Co) and clearances
Type N (IEC/EN 60079-15 / EN 50021:Zone 21) En nA ExnA.jpg
No ignition source in normal operation (no sparks, no hot surfaces)

Oil immersion (IEC/EN 60079-6 / EN 50015) Ex o Exo.jpg
Electrical parts are submerged in oil

Pressurized apparatus (IEC/EN 60079-2 / EN 50016) Ex p Exp.jpg
Electrical parts are purged and prerssurized with a protective gas (air or inert gas)
Installation: Purge and pressure control/shut down device

Powder filling (IEC/EN 60079-5 / EN 50017) Ex q Exq.jpg
Electrical parts are submerged in a quartz powder

Encapsulation (IEC/EN 60079-18 / EN 50028) Ex m Exm.jpg
Electrical parts are encapsulated in a specific epoxy resin
Installation: Chemical compability of epoxy resin

Explosive Atmosphere

Atex Directive

Ignition Sources

Basic Electrical Techniques

Equipment Protection Level