Direct and Secure Parameterization in the Field with the HART Protocol

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Field devices identify filling levels, pressure or flow rates as sensors, and control processes as actuators depending on certain parameters. The problem: They are distributed in large numbers over large areas and communicate with the higher level automation technology in a very varied way depending on the manufacturer.

BARTEC has developed an add-on module for HART-compatible field devices (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer). The HART modem, which came about in collaboration with large automation manufacturers, can be connected to the expansion port of the industrial tablet PC system Agile X, in order to wirelessly read or adjust field devices such as valves. Thanks to its intrinsic safety, users now have access to an integrated and efficient solution that is also suitable for mixed operation. This allows flow rate measurements to be taken one after another with fuel loading in the explosion-risk area and in a treatment plant in the non-explosion-risk area.

Press release
Bad Mergentheim, Germany
November 2015



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