• Isolator terminal IP 30, 2-pole Ex Details
  • Fuse max. 1.25 A with single terminals Ex Details
  • Fuse max. 1.25 A with double terminals Ex Details
  • Fuse max. 2.5 A Ex Details
  • Fuse max. 6.3 A Ex Details
  • Fuse max. 6.3 A, quick-acting Ex Details
  • Freewheeling diode single Ex Details
  • Freewheeling diode, double Ex Details
  • (Precision) Resistors max. 0.8 W Ex Details
  • Lamp test diode module Ex Details
  • (Precision) Resistors max. 1.2 W Ex Details
  • Cradle relay Ex Details
  • Power relay Ex Details
  • Optocoupler 2-channel Ex Details
  • Isolator relay contact seperation as per DIN EN 60079-0, DIN EN 60079-11 Ex Details
  • Relay, 1 changeover/2 changeover contacts Ex Details
  • Miniature switching relay Ex Details
  • Power supply unit AC/DC 110 up to 250 V Ex Details
  • Power supply unit DC 24 V/2 A Ex Details
  • AC/DC converter DC 24 V/450 mA Ex Details
  • Transformer AC 24 V/500 mA Ex Details
  • Isolator amplifier, 4-channel with display Ex Details
  • Measuring transducer for Pt100 galvanically isolated Ex Details
  • Two-point controller Ex Details

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